Notes to Heartstrings Nursery
from Satisfied Customers

Just wanted to let you know...Jayden is perfect...everyone who has met him thinks he is cute. Thank you again for my special lil' man.
Roxanne Johnston, Michigan - Adopted Jayden

WOW! Kaiden is absolutely perfect, loved his gifts too and the paperwork was so gorgeous! As a graphic designer myself, presentation was to me just as important as the baby himself! You truly are amazing, thanks ever so much again, can't wait to order more - 3 babies planned! Big hugs from myself and Kaiden x
Michelle Luscombe, United Kingdom - Adopted Kaiden

OMG !!! She's perfect !!!!!...She's stunninggg !!!...My whole family thinks she looks like a real baby...
Taylor McIntosh, New York - Adopted Ariah

Oh my goodness Bette, she is absolutely perfect!! Everything you sent had so much thought, I am in absolute love with her! Thank you sooo much!!

Chyna Chandler, Canada - Adopted Kaidence


Justin is just right. Thank you for all the wonderful additions you sent with him.  - Sylvia Wilson, Maine - Adopted Justin

Hi Bette, I love, love my girl's Maci & Jilli! Your work is beautiful, every little detail you gave attention too! They have such realism, and smell so good! Thanks for the extra clothes & all the extra goodies, it was like you gave a baby shower for us! I'll be in touch about a baby brother for them.
Thanks so much!
Johnni Watts, Alabama - Adopted Maci & Jilli

He is adorable you did an awesome job all the goodies came in perfect condition all the clothes so cute am in love with his little face Thank you
Maria Ponce Peky, Utah - Adopted Mateo

I am still on Cloud 9 in my "babymoon"! Hadley is absolutely gorgeous and I'm just in love with her. Landon is such a sweet little guy, too. I never even imagined I'd get two babies but I'm so glad I did. Bette, your work is just amazing. I cannot tell you just how pleased I am with these babies. Their layettes are so incredible and the care you take in choosing the right items for them shows just how much you love your art. I plan to grow my reborn family and you are the only artist I would trust. Thank you so much for everything. Much love!
Ami Taylor, Alabama - Adopted Hadley and Landon

Oh! Bette, Thank you so much for Baby Evan. I am a happy grandma. He is so beautiful. We had so many positve reactions with him after receiving him. God Bless You.
Dee-Dee Johnson, Alabama - Grandmother of Evan

Bette, Evan is just so cute! You did a great job on him, and I appreciate all the hard work that went into creating him. I love his items too. He feels great and smells wonderful. I am really loving my new little guy.
April Rawlins, Alabama - adopted Evan

We just got our little Ruby Grace today. She is so amazing! The most beautiful baby I have ever seen. Thank you so very much! You are so talented every detail just so precious! I cant wait to order a little sister for Ruby. Hopefully very soon!
Julie Burns, Tennessee - adopted Ruby Grace

We have three reborn babies from Heartstrings Nursery. We love them all because each is unique. Louis is the biggest of the group and the sweetest, only little boy. When we wanted a girl, we went back to Heartstrings to have one custom made. Pearl is the smallest, and she was made to look like her mommy. Finally, we wanted one who was sleeping, so we had Bette make us a surprise baby. What we got was CeCe. We named her, but beyond that, we let Bette use her artistic license.

All in all, we are thrilled to have these additions to our family. Everyone who sees them can't believe how life-like they look. Bette takes the utmost care to make sure customers are satisfied.

If you order a baby from Heartstrings, you will be filled with joy!
Samantha Hubbard, Nebraska - adopted Louis, Pearl, and CeCe

My daughter is in love with Sabrina. She is astonished with the way she looks and feels. Her family members are at awe at how this baby looks so real-life! Yesterday, a carrier was purchased for Sabrina so she can travel in the vehicles.

I must tell you that your babies do not look anything like the babies that are from Ashton Drake. Several of her friends have the babies and do not compare to yours.....your babies have a realistic appeal to them.

Thank you for making my daughter's Christmas a special one...one that she will remember with the memory of opening up Sabrina!!!!!!
Larry Sims, Kentucky - adopted Sabrina

Franca is a good job...Thank you
Silvia Giorgetta, Italy - adopted Franca

Just wanted to let you know that Addison LOVES her doll. The family even "babysits" for her sometimes. The older girls on her cheer team want one now too!!! It is so cute. You are very talented and i just wanted you to know what a wonderful Christmas memory you made for my daughter!
Jen Plowman, Ohio - adopted Rosalee

I just adopted precious little Molly. She is so beautiful and I can hardly wait to hold her in my arms. She has a special place in my home and in my heart.
B.J. Rowe, Alabama - adopted Molly

She is beautiful. Madison is going to love her. If we ever want to order another one I will know where to come this time. Thank you so much!
Monica R., Georgia - adopted Aubrey

Bette, Scarlett Rose is a dream and Thank You so much. You did such a beautiful job . She is exactly what we wanted and a great addition to our family. - Penny Kelley, Alabama - adopted Scarlett Rose

Beautiful! My granddaughter is going to love it!
Lori Lynch, Delaware - adopted Jordyn

Your babies are so beautiful, Bette. You are a truly talented artist. Each little baby has such personality, and to have that show through takes real skill. I just want to cuddle up with them all!! I LOVE Maria!!!
Laura Musgrove, Alabama


"Hello," from Raine Alexander's mommy. Raine joined our family a few months ago. He brightens up our home and is an absolute joy. I'm sure anyone who sees his picture on this website will agree he is so adorable. We are so very pleased with the intricate craftsmanship and attention to every detail that gives him his own personality. Bette is such a talented artist and puts so much love and care into her creations. Thank you, Bette, for such a beautiful job. We love him!!!!!
Terri Sargent, Alabama - adopted Raine Alexander


The doll was beautiful!Ann Christenson, Utah - adopted Kimmie

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