Meet Baby #95
born March 25, 2016
5 lbs., 8 oz.          21 in.

KenKez is a custom ordered baby. He lives in Florida, USA.
Like all Heartstrings Nursery babies, he is a one-of-a-kind creation.

KenKez was lovingly created from Cindy Musgrove's  "Scarlet" sculpt.
Multiple layers of Baby FX paint were hand-applied and each layer was cured
to ensure that his baby skin will retain its beautiful detail forever.

Subtle veins, mottled newborn skin, blushing and tiny capillaries
were painstakingly applied to create the look of a real baby.

His soft reddish brown Delta Dawn curls were micro-rooted by hand,
one or two strands at a time with a fine gauge needle,
sealed from inside with waterproof glue, then cut and styled.

KenKez has gorgeous gray-green individually mouth-blown German glass eyes.
Long dark brown lashes were hand-applied and his 3-dimensional eyebrows
were painted on
with a superfine brush to give them a barely-there appearance.

His little limbs, head and jointed doe suede body were weighted
with tiny glass beads and filled with silky soft 100% premium polyester
fiberfill and baby powder wafers, to give him the look, feel
and sweet smell of a newborn.

Moist looking lips, a hint of baby tears, little saliva bubbles and tiny manicured
fingernails and toenails add to the realism of this little boy.

His nose has been opened, shaded for depth and backed with purple felt,
to give the appearance of "breathing". He has a magnet behind
his mouth so he can take a modified magnetic pacifier.

KenKez has both a breathing mechanism and a voice box installed,
 and he sports an anatomically correct tummy plate as well.

Like all Heartstrings Nursery babies, KenKez is signed and numbered, and went home with a signed birth certificate, a Heartstrings Nursery COA,
a handmade ID bracelet
and his favorite little stuffed animal,
as well as an extensive layette and a whole lot of extras







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