Each Heartstrings Nursery Baby is
a One-of-a-Kind Work of Art

Each Heartstrings Nursery reborn baby begins
as an unpainted vinyl "kit" — a head, 2 arms and 2 legs
made from an original sculpt by some of the most
incredibly talented sculptors in the business...
but this is where the similarity to any other baby in the world ends.


Each of my babies is uniquely hand-painted using multiple layers of Genesis® Heat Set Paints. Each layer is baked to ensure that the
lifelike baby skin finish will never wear or rub off.
In some cases, depending upon the material, I use Baby FX or Miracle Blend air dry paints. These paints are equally as permanent, fade resistant and water resistant as heat set paints.


Subtle veins, mottled newborn skin, blushing and tiny capillaries are painstakingly applied. Some babies will be given tiny milk dots, birthmarks, tiny scratches or "stork bites". Baby tears are added to the eyes, moisture is added to the nose, ears and lips, the tongue is textured and little saliva bubbles are added to the mouth.

Each tiny finger and toe is given a realistic manicure/pedicure
that is then sealed with varnish. The baby's nose is carefully
opened, then shaded for depth and backed with dark felt
to give the appearance of "breathing".

Using only the finest quality mohair
- Slumberland, Delta Dawn, Angela's or Sugargliderus -
each baby's hair is micro-rooted by hand in a natural growth pattern one or two strands at a time with a fine gauge needle.
The hair is then sealed inside the head with waterproof glue
and then cut, conditioned and styled.


Once the sealer has set, the baby-soft hair can be
washed or dampened with leave-in conditioner
and carefully brushed or combed and styled.

(Mohair should never be brushed dry)

Specially made, realistically detailed eyes are inserted,
baby lashes are hand-applied or hand-rooted, and barely-there eyebrows are
painted on using a superfine brush.
Most often, the eyes used are mouth-blown German glass.


Unless otherwise requested, all babies have a magnet
placed inside the head, just behind the mouth,
which enables them to take an altered magnetic pacifier.


Baby's limbs, head, and jointed doe suede body are weighted with tiny glass beads and filled with silky soft 100% premium polyester fiberfill. Baby powder scented wafers are placed in the torso.

By request, a belly plate, back plate, anatomically correct front plate, or anatomically correct full torso can be added—these are painted with the same method used for the limbs and head. They are very realistic for posing and photographing your new arrival.

All clothing is new*, and chosen especially for your baby.
*Occasionally, I will use true vintage clothing finds, but will
contact the buyer first to make sure that this is acceptable
for use on their babies.

Every Heartstrings Nursery baby is signed and numbered
behind the ear and will arrive with:
Signed Birth Certificate
Heartstrings Nursery Certificate of Authenticity
Handmade ID Bracelet
2 Complete Outfits
Onesie or Tee Shirt
Socks and Shoes or Booties
Magnetic Pacifier
Bottle of "Formula"
Bottle of Hair Conditioner
Brush and Comb Set
Hair Accessories (girls only)
Other surprise items may also be included.


Reborn dolls are collector items and should not be given to
children as play dolls. They contain strong magnets and
small parts that may present a choking hazard.
Many hours of painstaking labor go into the creation
of each baby, resulting in a unique and precious
one-of-a-kind heirloom-quality work of art
to be cherished for generations to come.


*Due to the thickness of the vinyl I use very strong magnets. These can interfere with the operation of sensitive electronic equipment. If the baby is to be in contact with anyone with a pacemaker, please choose the "No Magnet" option when ordering. If you are purchasing one of the "Ready to Adopt" babies I will gladly remove the magnet upon request.
This is a safety issue and there is no charge for this service.

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